Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mountain Wanderlust

Mt. Rainer
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Hurricane Ridge
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Hurricane Ridge
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Mt. Fuji
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Rocky Mountains
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I saw my first really big mountain in 2009 when I was flying to Seattle to meet my parents for a vacation around Washington State.  We were almost there and I looked out from the airplane window and saw Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainer peeking about the clouds.  Ever since that moment I think I've had Mountainlust (I don't know if that's a thing, but it is now).

I've lived in Tuscaloosa for about a year now and am surprised how big of a difference the topography is from Birmingham.  Tuscaloosa is pretty much flat. Birmingham has a few large rolling hills, and I'm surprised how much I missed them.  To me, there's just something calming about a mountain.  I would love to visit the Alps in Switzerland and pretend to be Julie Andrews for a minute. If I could live in a little cabin in the mountains (minus the harsh winters), I think I would be in heaven!  I hope you enjoy these photos and can dream about running through a meadow with snow-covered peaks towering over you.

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