Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thrifty Thurday #1

I'm starting a new series on my blog called Thrifty Thursdays where I'll show you what treasures I've found during the week.  I hope you enjoy it!
First up is this kind of creepy looking owl that I was going to put in my shop, but decided to keep.  I like him.

I got this Jefferson Starship pin at a local vintage store here in Birmingham called What's On Second.  It's a really cool store.  There was even a ton of comics and video games for my husband to browse.  (BTW- I love me some Jefferson Starship.  Grace Slick had an amazing voice)
I got this picture mainly because I thought the frame was so pretty.  I like nature prints though too.

 I've always admired Kaylah's collection of porcelain teeth, but had never seen them anywhere.  I finally found some at What's On Second.  They had a ton of these.   There's just something intriguing about old medical equipment. 

My biggest score this week was actually completely free!  We have a bookstore here called Second & Charles that buys and sells used books.  If they can't buy the book you are trying to sell them, they have bins outside for you to put them in and people can pick them up for free.  I felt kind of greedy getting all of these, but in reality, I didn't even get half of them.  There was a ton that day!
The hard back books are Reader's Digest compilation books that are not really worth anything, but the covers are so beautiful!
I also got a ton of Sweet Valley High books.  Does anyone else remember reading these as a kid?  I picked up a bunch of R.L. Stine books too.  I'm pretty sure I owned all of these at some point.  I loved them.

What treasures have you found lately.  I'd love to hear about them! 



  1. I am so jealous of your Sweet Valley High and R.L. Stein books.

  2. I seriously want to move to your area! So many neat places! Oh, and I pick up pictures all the time because I love those old wooden frames!

  3. You scored so big on those books! I love it! I have some of those readers digest books too, they look so pretty displayed.

  4. Awesome finds! Yay for Jefferson Starship!! Also, I adore all those hardcover books (I collect those too!)

  5. Cool finds! I'm pretty sure that I need to start a porcelain teeth collection for myself!

  6. Those teeth are soooo cool! as is that owl, good idea to keep him!

    xoxo Mama Wolf

  7. The reader's digests are beautiful! Great finds!
    xo bhrett

  8. oh my gosh! r l stine books! like a peek from childhood. and that first little owl treasure is adorable. lovely finds.

  9. Oh I remember my Jefferson Starship phase. The voice ahh!

    I nearly forgot about Sweet Valley High! I used to collect those and R.L. Stine! Such favorites when I was younger.

  10. You found some awesome stuff!! Love the owl!

    xx, C


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