Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Discount

After 7 years of being out of school, I'm going back to get my Masters in Business.  It's just online, but I'm still scared to death!  Classes start next week, so in honor of my quest for academic advancement, I'm offering a back to school discount in my Etsy shop!  Just put in the code BACK2SCHOOL15 and get 15% off your whole order (excluding shipping- good thru August 31st).  I'm hunkering down and adding a bunch of new items today and throughout the week, so check back often!


  1. Wow, rad!!! What school are you going through? I'd really like to go back to school if it was online.. I do better that way!

    1. It's through the University of North Alabama. That's where I got my undergrad, but it just happens to be one of the best/cheapest grad programs out there. It's $1,000 per class, which I know sounds like a lot but it's a fraction of what other places charge.

  2. Yay! That's super terrific! I wish you the best in your academic endeavors.

  3. Congrats on heading back to school and good luck :]

  4. Wow! Good luck on going back to school. You'll be fine. xxx


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