Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Music You Need to Know- Alabama Shakes

If you don't already know about the Alabama Shakes, you would have sooner or later because they are blowing up.  I've known about them for a while, because they are from Alabama and play a lot of local shows, but I hadn't really listened to them much.  They are playing with Neil Young at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater (my former workplace), and since I'm going I decided to give them a listen.  Needless to say I really haven't stopped listening since.  I have an odd musical taste and if you asked me my favorite genre, I would say heavy metal.  I have no idea what genre to put the Alabama Shakes in except for just plain good.  The video above is for their song "I Found You" and was recorded in my hometown at Pegasus Record Store (and is also my favorite song of theirs).  I spent a good bit of my high school days in the band rooms above this store (oh the days....).  Now, do yourself a favor and check them out.


  1. Thanks for sharing... really LIKE & just know hubby will too! Plus any friend of Neil's in a friend of mine!

    1. They performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night too. They are coming up!

  2. Crazy! I saw these guys in Tennessee at Bonnaroo this past June!

  3. Love this song! I'll have to look into this band :D


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