Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things I Love- Halloween Edition

Just too cute.  Mason is terrified of cats.

Costumes in the 50s were just plain creepy.

This is awesome.

My favorite Halloween movie.  I think I watched it every year growing up.

 I had the Bird Bird costume.  When I see it now, it's kind of terrifying!

Of course this lady tie by Miss Christine over at Flappergirl is too cute! 

I love vintage Halloween postcards.  I've stopped myself from buying any because once I start, I don't think I would stop.  Although they would make good decorations.  Hmm...


  1. Love it! The scary pet posters are great!


  2. That pet poster totally made me giggle, so cute! Love the Sesame St costumes as well, I would have killed for one of them as a kid xo

  3. Love these!! The pet poster is hilarious

  4. Love the owl, and omg - that picture from the 1950's? Super freaking creepy!!

  5. That pet poster made me laugh so hard! :)

    I remember those Sesame Street costumes...and, yes, that BB one is a tad bit weird/scary but so cool too!

  6. That big bird costume is absolutely terrifying. I love the lady tie! I've never worn one.
    I love the Halloween postcards! So cool!!!

  7. those costume from the 50s are way creepy but not nearly as creepy as the big bird costume ;)

  8. that first cat cartoon is so funny - i saw it on facebook from a friend. and that lady tie is adorable

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  9. That vintage halloween postcard is so awesome!!! The 50s costumes are creepy but kind of cool aaaaaand I love that tie by flappergirl. Thank you for sharing :]

  10. Oh my god, that tie!! I'm in love

  11. I do love that Garfield movie. I had a book of it also. :)


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