Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #11

1.  My first paint by numbers picture.  I don't know why they are so hard to find, but this one is beautiful!
2.  This blanket had a hole in it, but I fixed it right up.  It's now adorning my banister for the rest of autumn.
3.  This coupon file from 1980 is pretty neat.
4.  My Beetlejuice (Beetleguese?) mini-collection.  They all came in a bag together.  I love the little snakes!
5.  Someone left this crochet pattern book at the counter of the thrift store because they didn't want it.  Well, I did and scooped it up.  It has the most awesome patterns from the 70s.
6.  More Pyrex...with the lid!  I will never get enough.

What neat stuff have you all found lately?  The holidays are approaching (gah...I know), so I'm going to be adding more and more clothes to my shop.  I've decided to scale back on household goods, mainly because they are just to darn expensive to ship.  I'm packing a lot of them up for inventory for our future store. 


  1. I love the Beetleguese/juice collection and the mushroom pyrex!

  2. Ah looove the blanket. I better find me one of those one day! aaand the Beetlejuice/Beetleguese collection, so awesome.

  3. i had a blanket in those exact colors exactly like that growing up. actually. my parents still have it :D

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. i love that paint by numbers...and yes, they are so hard to find! i also love the blanket, it's got such great fall colors!

  5. That blanket looks just like one my Grams used to have! That paint by number picture makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. I really like it. I loveee 70's patterns!!!!
    You love pyrex!!!!

  6. I would love to crochet, but after 3 attempts, I've realized that it's not for me ;) Knitting is so much simpler!

  7. So many awesome stuff, thank you for sharing <3

  8. So many awesome things!!! I LOVE the Beetleguese collection!!

  9. So jealous of the Pyrex. It is impossible for me to find up here. I seem to only find the Pyrex knock offs, but those give me joy too so it's okay. Someday... *dreams*

  10. You always have such great finds and so often too! I need to make more time to thrift. I don't do it as often as I'd like. I have a pyrex with the same mushroom patter, but no lid! :/ Lucky girl! Also, that blanket is amazing! I can never pass up a good woven blanket. My collection is growing and I just can't stop!!! ;) Have a happy Thanksgiving!!


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