Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wine Enthusiast Red Wine Glasses Review

I received a lovely e-mail a few weeks back from the wonderful folks over at Wine Enthusiast asking me to review some of their red wine glasses.  Of course I happily accepted and received my glasses within the week.  They came in a huge box that heavily protected the delicate glasses inside. 

I love the shape of these glasses.  The bowl of the glass is nice and big to allow the wine to breathe.  Now, I'm not exactly a wine expert or anything, but even I could tell that these glasses enhanced the wine drinking experience.  The glass is very thin and light, which scared me a bit a first.  I thought I might break them just by looking at them.  But, I've been using them for a few weeks now and they're a lot more durable than they seem.  I even ran them through the dishwasher with no problem.  

My husband and I have been drinking a lot of new wines lately and are increasingly becoming more interested in wine-drinking in general (I chalk that up to watching White Collar).  Wine Enthusiast has literately everything you'd ever need, including wine racks (with free shipping).  With our growing collection of bottles I'll need to order something to store them in.  They've got a huge selection for every budget.  I'm leaning towards this one.

And how could I try out my new wine glasses without some new wine?  I picked out a wine from Morgan Creek Vineyards, which happens to be about an hour south of my house.  This is the Vulcan Red and it is wonderful!  Vulcan is the god of fire and is associated with Birmingham because of the steel industry that used to be in this area.  There's a huge Vulcan statue overlooking the city (more info here). Morgan Creek Vineyards carries a lot of other wines, most of them using muscadine grapes.  I'm going to have to try all of them.  You know, just to support my local vineyard...


  1. Ohhh lovely glasses. Yay for finding a fellow wino!

  2. Thanks for your kind words about the wine glasses. Glad you enjoyed them!

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