Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Riverwalk

Saturday I took Mason for a little stroll along the Riverwalk trail.  I had never been on it, probably because it's right next to where I work and I usually try to avoid getting anywhere near my office on the weekends.  The forecast called for rain all weekend, but boy were they wrong.  It was perfect weather and Mason was pretty excited about getting out of the house.  The University of Alabama Rowing team was out practicing too.

Later on Saturday we went out and saw John Carter.  It was pretty good.  We also went to beauty store and I got some Manic Panic Midnight Blue hair dye.  This blue hair thing is going to happen soon (sorry mom).  We also got Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds.  I had never even heard of them before and I kind of wish I hadn't.  I thought it would taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but it really just tasted like a cough syrup milkshake.  Yuck.

On Sunday I woke up with my eyes almost completely swollen shut and just raw.  I thought it was just allergies, but then realized it was my new mascara.  I won't say what brand it is, but let me just tell you I will NOT be using that again.  It pretty much ruined my Sunday.  That and the fact we lost an hour (darn you daylight savings).

Except for gross milkshakes and swollen eyes, I had a pretty relaxing weekend.  How was your weekend? 

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