Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yarn Bombing

June 9th is International Yarn Bombing Day, so in preparation, here's a super simple DIY yarn bomb that you can do even if you don't know how to knit or crochet!  I bombed a small tree in my yard, but you can use a pole, stair railing, or anything that a scarf will fit around.
 Here's what you'll need....

I used a scarf that I crocheted, but if you have an old one lying around, use it!  I used a similar color yarn to my scarf to attach it, but if you don't have any yarn, you can also use string or even fishing line.  

 Now, run your yarn through the needle (the bigger the needle the better).  Put it through the bottom edge corner of the scarf and bring it through until you come to the end.  Now knot it off like below.

 Now you'll want to position your scarf around the tree (or whatever else you're bombing).  All you have to do now is whip stitch to connect the edges of the scarf.  There's a great video on how to whip stitch here, but you don't have to be nearly that neat or precise about it.  Just an long as you pull your stitches tight and connect the two edges, that's all that matters.

Stitch all the way to the end, knot off the yarn, and you're done!!!  Now, I can't attest to how well this is going to hold up in the weather, since it hasn't rained at my house in weeks.  But it should hold up pretty well.  Actually, the cheaper the scarf or yarn you use the better, since the materials are less organic and less likely to decompose.

Now go forth and bomb away!!!!


  1. I just googled yarn bombing and OH MY! How fun and spectacular. Thank you for this tutorial :]

  2. This is a great idea! I've been interested in doing some yarn bombing myself, but when I knit something, the idea of spending all that time and then leaving it outside makes me sad, but I definitely have some old scarves I made that I don't care for anymore.

  3. Yarn bombing is a huge service to your community. How could someone not smile when they see it? So much love for this.

    xo bhrett

  4. Haha I've never ever heard of yarn bombing before but that sounds totally delightful. I hope I find some random yarn decorated items in my home town on that date. So cute! :)

  5. That looks like so much fun! :)


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