Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Columbus, Ohio Vintage

The only vintage store we went to in Columbus was Flower Child, but it was really the only one we needed to go to.  This place is mind blowing.  There are rooms and rooms of vintage.  It's ridiculous.  I really couldn't even concentrate on finding anything to get because I kinda wanted it all!

I am having some regrets about not getting this dress.  It was so pretty and had a pattern like a coloring book and the bottom had been colored in.  But, it was $24.00, so that's a little more than I'm willing to shell out.

I loved how they had everything organized.  They put all the owls together, all the mushrooms together, and color coordinated the kitchen items.

High Street was really cool too.  There were all kinds of neat stores and restaurants, a concrete sofa, graffiti, and even a protest for religious freedom (yay!).


  1. Oh my gosh how cool! I must visit there someday considering im only a few hours away! the merry mushroom set is to die for! Soooo cute!


  2. So many owls!! This place looks really neat!

    xx Adrian

  3. Oh wow!! I would get lost in there. So many pretty items. I may have to take a road trip. That dress was so pretty. I am the same way though when it comes to buying vintage stuff. I like to find the good deals.

  4. Wow that shop looks amazing! I can see some many things in your pictures that I want! And that dress!! So perfect for fall!

  5. Just found you through Arrin's blog. :-) Owl heaven! So visually appealing how they grouped everything... wish I was there!

  6. Hi, Karen!

    I'm coming over to your blog via the comments on the amazing post that Danielle at Sometimes Sweet had re: being a non-believer. I'm so happy to find that so many people responded so positively to that post! I'm definitely going to be following you from now on!

    Also, you were just traveling in my neck of the woods (I'm in Cincinnati!)


    1. Thanks Trina! I just started following you too. I was also surprised by the positive responses to that post. Usually posts like that spark a firestorm of debate!


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