Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid-Year Goal Update

I've seen several bloggers give a mid-year update on their goals for the year, and I think that's a great idea.  I surprised myself by actually achieving most of mine.  Here are my goals from the beginning of the year and where I am now....

· Chill Out!!! I have actually chilled out a lot since quitting my job.
· Re-Open Etsy Shop. Done!  I haven't done anything with my handmade shop yet, but I'm focused on my vintage shop for now.
· Lose 15 pounds. I've lost 10 so far, so I'm doing pretty good!
· Dye hair blonde (and one other funky color). Definitely did this!
· Make good grades. Well, I haven't exactly started grad school yet (except for one class).  I'm hoping to start next month.
· Take dogs for walks more often. I haven't done this, but in my defense, it's too darn hot to even go outside.
· Travel to at least 4 new places. Working on this.  The husband and I are going to Baltimore for a wedding soon, so that will be a lot of new places along the way.
· Start a blog (for fun and no pressure).  Done!
· Explore area where we live. Find new places to go and get out of the house.  We've kind of done this.  This weekend we are going to get out and find some yard sales, so we'll do a little exploring then.
· Spend more time outside in nature. I've been going to my favorite nature trail and been enjoying it.
· Volunteer somewhere at least once. Haven't done this yet!
· Take lots of pictures! I have done this, but I always feel like I could take more.
· Spend more time with friends and family. Done.
· Take time to read more books. I'm trying to get through the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, but it's like 15 books long and they are some thick books!  I love them though.
· start a menu planner. I've been trying to do this and have been pretty successful.  It helps so much when you know what you actually need to buy for the week.
· start a budget. I've kind of been avoiding this one.  

Have you achieved your goals for 2012?  

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