Monday, June 18, 2012

Nashville Vintage

I'm SO glad to be back home.  I missed blogging so much!  I like traveling, but I hate being away from my normal routine for very long.  We stopped at several vintage stores on our trip, so I'll be sharing them city by city this week.  Here's a few places we stopped at in Nashville...

Now, these aren't the typical vintage stores that I would usually go to.  I'm more of a thrifting, digging through clothes to find a dress for $2.00 kind of girl.  But I did enjoy it.  
The first place we went was Pre to Post Modern, and it was great.  I got a cute purse for $12.00, which wasn't too bad.

 Next, we went to The Hip Zipper.  I LOVED this place.  They had a ton of reasonably priced dresses in all different styles.  This is kind of what my dream store would resemble (hopefully one day I will actually have that dream store!).

Last, we went to a cute area of Nashville, and I can't remember the name of the area, but it's right past Vanderbilt University.  There was an awesome store there called Pangaea that I got an awesome belt and ring at.
I'm hoping that my husband and I can move to Nashville one day.  I have several friends there and my in-laws are there.  It's so much more liberal than any place in Alabama.  Yeah, there are still rednecks and cowboys, but the landscape is so pretty and I think we would enjoy it a lot more than where we are at now.


  1. What? How have I never heard of these places? I know what my plans are this weekend!

  2. I love Pangaea so much! That area is adorable. I could use some N-ville time (or midwest time at the very least)...


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