Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I Wore- Purple Rain

Dress: Vintage ($10)
Shoes: Shoe Dept.
  Belt: Grandmother's
So, this is officially my new favorite dress.  It had long sleeves when I got it, but I took them off and it's much better for summer now!  I wore this when we went to the movies on Sunday, and I had an older lady stop me and take a video of me to show her daughter.  It was cute.  (And now I bet you have Purple Rain stuck in your head.  You're welcome)

I'm trying to start this week out on a good note.  I've been feeling a bit frustrated lately, mainly because I feel like I'm not doing anything with myself.  I feel like I'm not working on my blog enough, or on my Etsy shop, or keeping the house clean enough, ect...  Most of this is true, but I think it's because of my lack of organization, which I'm usually pretty good at.  So that's my goal this week.  I need to get myself on track so I get more accomplished.
What do you all do when you're feeling like this?  I'd love all the advice I can get!


  1. That dress is stunning! And you look awesome in it with your gorgeous hair!

    When I get frustrated about not feeling like I do enough I try to be gentle with myself, write a list, and start doing something small and simple to get me motivated. It doesn't always work, but that is my best advice.

    xx, C

  2. This dress is just darlin! I love it so much!

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  3. purple and purple is pretty much the best combination ever, especially if one of those purples is your hair! I love this dress and the peep-toe flats together!

    ♥ laura
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  4. i love all the polka dots and how this shade of purple matches your hair. its a lovely dress on you. and just keep going with your goals - your are surely a harsher judge on yourself than others, i'm the same way!

    <3 katherine

  5. Dammit. Purple rain IS in my head now.
    This is such a rad outfit!!!!
    Hm. I seem to feel this way quite often.. and I am the least organized person I know. Yesterday I made a to-do list and felt pretty accomplished. I didn't do anything on it.. butttt it felt good making the list and getting my thoughts organized! LOL (Sorry, I'm no help...)

  6. This dress is so so pretty on you! I love the shade of purple, it matches your hair perfectly!

    When I'm feeling frustrated or non-motivated, I take a lot of deep breaths. Sometimes just breathing deeply can bring you to a more motivational state :] But, reading other's blogs, shopping on Etsy and stumbling through Pinterest is always pretty motivating for me!

  7. I LOVE your dress! How perfect is that- to find a dress that matches your hair so well!

    And I am so acquainted with that feeling of frustration! I have felt it A LOT. I tried to write you some good advice in this comment and ended up deleting it because it really wasn't good at all! haha Just know you are not alone!

  8. Oh this dress is just lovely! And it looks beautiful on you! I'm feel the same way, like I never get anything done! I write alot of lists :)

  9. This dress is so pretty! I love it!! I funtion better if I make lists and then prioritize. I like to see everything that I need to accomplish and then decide what's the most important thing (or sometimes, easiest thing) that I can accomplish at that time. I hope you have a productive week!

    xx Adrian

  10. You are gorgeous. I want purple hair so badly - I am too chicken though. Your hair looks fantastic with that pretty dress. Wowee! I have been in the same rut. I sat down last night and made a list of goals and a schedule to keep myself on track and I already feel relieved. Now I just need to stick with it. Good luck :]

    1. Thanks! Although I love your hair too!!! It's pretty just the way it is!

  11. Love this. Love your hair and style. :]

  12. I just started following! and i have to say...that dress with your hair?! Gorgeous!

  13. This dress is SO freaking cute.
    And so are you!

  14. Love love love this dress and the collar. Too adorable.

    I allow myself to just slow down and sort of kick back for awhile then slowly get back into the routine of things. Lists and goals for each day!

  15. hello! i just discovered your blog :) I love vintage too.
    Your dress is absolutely lovely <3
    have a nice day!


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