Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Wore- First Time For Everything

Dress & Pin: Estate Sale
Belt: Pangea
Shoes: Payless

Y'all be proud of me.  I finally did it.  I took outfit pictures in public!  And I lived to tell about it!  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but I did kind of pick a special place to do it.  When I took photography in college (which was like 10 years ago, gah...) I did a project taking pictures in downtown Sheffield, Alabama, which is where this is.  It's changed a little in the last ten years.  They've put in some new sidewalks and a little landscaping.  However, it still has an eerie ghost town feeling to it.  There's abandoned stores and factories, and there's just something about it that I find incredibly beautiful.  I think I really do just like old things, whether it's clothes, homes, or towns.  Even if old means rusted and falling apart, there's just something intriguing about stuff with a history.

I got this dress and pin at the same estate sale.  I love that this dress has an old 50s factory worker girl look to it and fits just right.  And how could you not love a wooden pin with mushrooms painted on it!



  1. Love the outfit AND your hair!! Adorable!


  2. Really liking that dress. And yay congrats on ourside WIW photos!

  3. This dress is great! Love the pin.. And I always love adding a good pin, especially a vintage one, to compliment an outfit :)

  4. That dress is amazing. What a great spot for taking photos!

  5. Your hair and dress are both amazing!! :)

  6. I prefer the public/outdoor photos. I took some last week, which I will be posting tomorrow on my blog. You picked a great spot! I am glad you lived to tell us about it. LOL


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