Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo A Day- Week One

1. Outside (the Whitehouse, because you know they weren't about to let me inside)
2. One
3. Coin (ok, so it's not an actual coin, but something on a coin)
4. Somewhere I Sat (a lovely chair at The Madison Hotel in DC)
5. Logo (I think I just bought these chips because they look retro)
6. Writing
7. 8 O'clock (I love my coffee)

I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's photos on Instagram (although not all of mine are on there).  I'm at TheQuietOwl on Instagram if you want to follow. This past week was a bit hard to do because I forgot what I was supposed to be taking pictures of while on our trip.  I'm looking forward to putting a little more creativity into next weeks photos.  


  1. Lovely photos lil' lady! I especially love the vintage typewriter one. (I followed you on Instagram @teatreevintage) What I did, to remember what each photo of the day is, was take a screenshot of the list. Then it is saved in my camera/pictures folder and I can look back on it.

  2. I'm trying top do this challenge too... I'm so behind though! >_< hopefully I'll be able to play catch up today!

  3. You look like such a tourist in pic 1! LOL!
    That chair looks so comfy!

    1. I know right! I was trying to achieve the ultimate tourist look and even wore red, white, and blue while touring our nation's capital. Yes, I am the biggest dork ever.

  4. I love that dress in the first picture! Awesome! Glad you are back!

    xx, C

  5. Where did you get "the photo a day" theme? I've seen them around on the internet, but I think they are all different. Isn't there a theme every day? I've been wanting to participate, and I think I actually have the time now! You are so lucky to have been able to take photos and explore in DC! Lovely pics! -Jessica


    1. I got my photo a day list from Fat Mum Slim (just google the blog and it should come up). I love the idea of the photo a day, but I'll admit that I didn't make it to the end!


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