Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I Wore- Yellow Bow

Dress: Thrifted Vintage
Bow: Crocheted by me
Shoes: ? but with grandmother's shoe clips

I do apologize for the graininess of these photos, but apparently waiting until about 7PM to take outfit pictures is a bad idea once the seasons start to change.  Why does it have to get dark earlier when it feels so good outside?  Anyways, I made this hair bow on a whim, just because I love the color of the yarn and it matches my hair.  I found these brown bow shoe clips while going through my late grandmother's things, and I might be wearing them with these shoes all the time.  There's no doubt that my grandma had great taste in accessories!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and are enjoying some cooler weather!  It's just lovely here in Alabama.  I bought my husband a basketball goal for our anniversary (weird gift- I know), so we're going to put it up in the backyard and I'm going to school him on some hoops.  He's not the only one who played basketball as a kid.  Hopefully it will give us both some much needed exercise and some fresh fall air!

What activities are you all doing to take full advantage of the fall season?  I have a few outdoor activities planned, but I'd love you hear what y'all are doing.


  1. This outfit looks so classic, it could almost be a photo from 40-50 years ago. I love that colour hair with the yellow bow. Those bow clips are super cute too, grannies are the best dressers <3

  2. I love the color of your bow and your grandmother's sweet shoe clips. Some grandmothers just have great style: my granny had a pair of hot pink snake skin boots!

    Walks through the woods is a year 'round thing for me, but I especially enjoy it in the fall. Other than that: bonfires!

    Hope you're having an awesome day
    ♥ Jana

  3. Love that you made the bow! I have a handful of bows that I have crocheted over the years and I love matching them with dresses.

    Love that dress !!! great find!

  4. Adorable!! And I love your glasses!

  5. Beautiful dress, and those shoe clips are too cute!

  6. The changing of the seasons has been quite a shock up here in the U.P. - it seems so sudden, it's 6:40p and it's already nearly dark. That hair bow is amazing, one of my very favorite colors. I wish I could make something that pretty on a whim! Lol.

  7. i love that dress on you! and that strawberry and cream hair of yours is also really kicking butt, the bow just fits right in:)

  8. So beautiful! X

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  9. Uhh I know what you mean! I have to rush home and take my outfit photos now!! :/ Cuuuute bow, by the way! I love it!

  10. Wow, I love the colour of your hair. Kind of magical. I love Autumn (fall) too because I am obsessed with pumpkins. I love to eat them and do pumpkin carving with my friends. Going to buy lots this year and make tons of pumpkin curry and pie. The best.


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