Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's Going On...

It's really amazing what I will do to avoid doing homework.  Sunday, I decided to prime my dining room walls (mind you, we've been in this house for about 6 years), just to avoid my Finance homework.  In fact, I am still avoiding my homework by doing this post!  I have gotten a lot done though in the way of schoolwork, but it's never-ending.  Why do I want to get my Masters again?

Anyways, thank you all for the support while I'm trying to balance my life!  You have no idea how much it means to me to see your comments (I'm a happy girl.  Y'all spoil me!!!).  I got some good news on Sunday that my brother in-law is engaged to an awesome lady!  This is big for me since I'm an only child and my husband only has one sibling.  There's no wedding date yet, but I already feel the urge to start spending hours on Pinterest looking up bridal shower ideas (if I get carried away, someone please stop me).  

Ok, now back to the grindstone...


  1. it sounds like you had very good weekend :)!

  2. I know exactly what you mean because I'm the same way! I'll think "I really have to do this homework, but I couldn't possibly do it before I organize all the books on that shelf..."

  3. Oh! You are an only child too!!! I feel ya!

    And just keep plugging through with the schoolwork. I felt the same way when I went back for my masters. It was hard to step out of the working world and back into school. I have to do something after 5pm again? Really?

    But you can do it. And a little healthy procrastination never hurt anyone.

  4. HA! that eCard is me in a nutshell. <-- I really hate that phrase. Why did I just use it?

  5. that ecard sums up my entire life at my work.

  6. congrats on going to school for your masters!! man oh man it took me 8 years on and off to get my bachelors... so i feel your pain (in procrastination not actual school work, i would never have the fortitude to get a masters!so i think that is beyond amazing!) you can sooo do it ! Not to mention woah you must really be the queen of organization maintaining a blog at the same time. You are accomplishing so much, never feel bad about wanting to look at pinterest.. w/o it we might all go crazy :) heartandthrift.blogspot.com


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