Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life Lately

I started out writing this post complaining about how I feel like I've have some bad karma lately. Then I thought, you know...that's stupid.  It's so easy to let the bad things in our life completely block out the good.  So I've had a few hiccups lately.  I've also been surrounded by people I love, have had great success with my Etsy shop, have become friends with even more wonderful bloggers, been doing well in school, and have tried to steer myself towards a brighter future.  I'm a pretty luck girl when I actually stop to think about it.  

I'm the sort of person that would love to crawl in a hole and try to make the world disappear when something bad happens.  But even if I did that, the world would still be the same when I emerged.  I've finally come to realize that I'm in control of my world and if I want it to be different, I need to make the change and do the work. 

Ok, that's my rant for the day.  My tummy still feels like it's waging a war against me, and the fact that it looks like winter outside isn't motivating me to do anything today.  I'm about to go slap some dye on my hair and make myself a cup of tea.  Then all will be right with the world.  =)


  1. Sounds like you're doing well at staying positive :) that's something we could all stand to do more of.

  2. I hear ya, girl! Stress starts to add up quickly. I hope you feel better soon! We all love ya! Oh, and a fresh coat of hair dye always makes things better.

  3. I have been feeling pretty down lately, too! This made me feel so much better.
    BTW, hope to see you at the Ren Faire today!

  4. I needed some encouragement to look on the bright side, thanks :)

  5. At least you are managing to stay positive, I find it really difficult to stay cheerful at this time of year (I am not a cold weather person at all) hair dye and tea usually makes me feel better too xo

  6. I'm sorry life has been a bit bumpy lately. I know the feeling! I always try to remind myself that the bad eventually wears itself out, it can't last forever. I hope that things turn around for you soon and I love your attitude towards all this. Keep your chin up, beautiful.

    xx, C

  7. I'm like that too. Good for you to be positive.. I normally am like "it's my time to be a grumpy ass! here we go!"
    Can't wait to see the new hair!!! I want to put some purple highlights in mine.. haven't got around to it though.


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