Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dining in Birmingham, Alabama- Cafe de Paris

Birmingham, Alabama certainly isn't known for fine dining.  So when a group of friends and I ate at Cafe de Paris, I wasn't expecting much.  I mean, could they have a lamer name for a French restaurant?  We went for Sunday brunch which had a limited menu.  I was feeling pretty brave, so I ordered the smoked salmon platter.  I say I was being brave because I have yet to find a really good sushi place in Birmingham.  Good, raw fish isn't exactly prevalent in Alabama.  However, I must say it was quite amazing.  It was sprinkled with capers which were not too salty, and a citrus sauce.   They served it with a bit of sour cream and toast.  I also ordered the cheese grits that obviously had some kind of herbs in it.  It would have been really good if it hadn't been on the soupy side. 
Almost everyone else got the chicken and waffles, which looked amazing.  It sounds like a weird combo, but they all said it was delicious.  

I wish that Birmingham had a wider variety of dining, but we have more meat-and-threes than anything else.  Don't get me wrong, I could eat fried okra every day for the rest of my life.  But I'd love a bit more to choose from than just the typical Southern cuisine.  I'm glad I found at least one good place to share with you all!
Do you have a hard time finding a variety of dining where you live?  What kind of cuisine is the best in your town (and hopefully I can come visit!)?


  1. Aside from the lack of creativity with the name, that place sounds amazing! And that food looks YUM!

  2. You should definitely look at all the places I've eaten over the past few days if you want to see other things aside from Southern cuisine. (: I'm from MS, but I'm on vacation in NYC. this looks pretty great though.

  3. The food looks fancy!!! Chicken and waffles is an interesting combo.. I love fried okra! We only have one place in town that serves southern food called Bayou on the Bay. Im trying to think of restaurants we go to.. we go to a place a lot called NY pizza but that's mostly cause their happy hour is awesome... I love hearing about restaurants/activities in different places!!
    Oh we also have a place called Temple Bar that serves fancy drinks and cheese platters! But we're too poor/not classy enough to go there often.

  4. mmm, chicken and waffles... hehe. sounds like an awesome meal with awesome friends!! x


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