Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Amazing Anime-Clannad

I have watched a lot of anime.  Really, a lot.  My husband and I didn't have cable for quite a few years, so we didn't watch basic cable tv. Instead, we watched tons of anime.  Surprisingly, one of the best sites to find free anime is Hulu.  They have a huge variety of shows and the best part is you can watch them whenever you want.

Anyways, I love anime so much I'd like to share some personal reviews of the shows I've watched in a series called "Amazing Anime". I hope you enjoy it!

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My first review is of Clannad (to read a full show description and get more show info, click here).  The first season of this show is a typical boy meets girl and they fall in love kind of story.  It's really good, but the second season, Clannad After Story, is where it really gets good.   I have never been so emotionally attached to characters in any movie, tv show, or book as I have with this show.  Not only did it make me cry, it made me bawl.  Like a baby.  I'm getting teared up just thinking about it.  The reason it gets viewers so emotionally attached is because you can relate to the characters.  I can't go into the plot of the story too much without a spoiler, so you'll just have to watch it yourself.
When some people think of anime, they probably think of ninjas and robots, which can be true.  But there's a good bit of anime that is set in a Japanese high school and follows the story of a young male or female in their daily life.  This show may not be on the top of the list for a first time male anime viewer, but it's definitely a good starter for females.  I highly recommend it!  You'll also have the dango song stuck in your head for at least a month or two...




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