Monday, January 16, 2012


I have to admit that I have a pretty broad range of music that I like.  But, if you ask me what kind of music I listen to, I'm probably just going to say heavy metal.  It's so hard to categorize music these days that I usually don't bother trying to explain my musical preferences.  Here's a sampling of bands I love, and if you are offended by any of it, too bad.


Rasputina is by far my favorite band.  If you go to the band's website here, you can learn a little more about them.  I say they are a band, but it's really just Melora Creager and whomever she is playing with at the time.  I would describe them as historical cello rock? I guess?  You pretty much just have to take a listen to them.  The above video is the only "real" video that they have.  Although it's hard for me to pick a favorite song of theirs, I would say one of my favorites would be "How We Quit The Forest". 

 Neko Case

I really just started listening to Neko Case last year.  I run the box office at the venue here where we are living and she played here with My Morning Jacket and I didn't know who she was.  She also had a few songs on the last season of True Blood, so that's how I happened upon her.  Some of her music gets a little too close to country for my liking, but the majority of it is just kind of mellow.  I did get to eat backstage with her while she was at the venue.  She seemed very nice and laid back.


I would say Opeth is a good transition from the above into the "heavy metal" side of me.  I love Mikael Akerfeldt's voice (no I didn't spell Michael wrong; they are from Sweden).  They have a mix of heavy metal songs and lovely acoustic songs.  I prefer the later, but I really haven't heard anything from them that I didn't like.

 The Sword
I love the above song sooo much.  The video is pretty cheesy, but that's ok. The Sword appeals to my inner fantasy dork.  I love that I can just put on their music and listen to all of their albums all the way through. I usually have pretty bad tenancy to only listen to one two songs and change to something else. 

 Rammstein is really the only band that has really stood the test of time for me.  I listened to them in high school (I had my 10 year reunion this year..urgh...) and I still love them.  In fact, my husband and I are going to see them in April and I'm super excited.  I have sort of lost my desire to see concerts  (since it's part of my job), so it has to be someone I really want to see for me to buy tickets.  Anyways, Rammstein is from Germany and they tour all over the world and rarely come anywhere near the Southern U.S. I'm really just looking forward to the pyrotechnics. 

 Ok so here's where it gets real.  So I like Black Metal. It's not a huge deal, but I do live in the bible belt of America.  I've gotten used to the fact that people here are always going to think I'm strange, but it doesn't always make it any easier.  People here are just expected to be Christian, and when you're not, it kind of knocks them back.  It's really only been in the last few years that's I've had the guts to openly say that I'm an atheist, even though I've been one my whole life.  Anyways, back to music.  First, I usually don't care about lyrics.  I'm more interested in the music, and if I like the lyrics, then that's just a bonus.  Second, I do like Black Metal, but it's hard to take it seriously.  I mean can you really be threatened by guys that look this silly?  I hope not.
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