Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vintage- Food Nostalgia

I was born in the 80s, and I hate to say it, but I feel like so much has changed in the last 3 decades or so.  I can remember playing Oregon Trail on a real Mac computer and listening to Ace of Base (I just made myself feel really old there for a second).  Here are some of my favorite snack foods from the 80s...Enjoy!

Giggles cookies were the most awesome thing ever.  Seriously.  I mean, most cookies are just cookies.  You don't really remember them.  But I definitely remember these.   I really can't fathom why they quit making these, but I would be overjoyed if Nabisco would rekindle these.  They also came with these stickers, which I still have tucked away somewhere. 
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I'm pretty sure they still make Honey-comb cereal, but regardless I remember eating a lot of it as a kid.  

I really hope someone else remembers this popcorn.  It was colored, but you didn't know what color it would be until you popped it.  I don't know why this was all the rage in elementary school, but I remember pestering my mom for it constantly.

I drank a lot of Orbitz, and after many years, I am willing to admit that it tasted like poo.  The bubbles were really cool and all, but it really did taste bad.  I can't say I miss it.

My friends and I must have been ahead of our time with the energy drink craze, because we drank this stuff all the time in high school.  And it was nasty stuff.  But if you're going to stay out until 2 AM causing mayhem, you need some fuel.

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I ate this stuff a lot, and honestly I think I gagged a little when I saw this again.  Apparently I liked it at the time, but now it just seems yucky to me.

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When I was in elementary school, my mom would let me get a treat on Wednesdays after school.  I would always get a Slush Puppie and some sort of candy (usually a Ring Pop or Air Head).  Although I preferred Icees, these fulfilled my slushie cravings.  To this day, I have a slushie addiction (although now I'd prefer a little alcohol in my slushie.  Just saying...).

What foods do you remember from your childhood?

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  1. So I have to admit, as a child of the late 80's/90's I really only remember that colored popcorn...I always begged my parents for it but they couldn't tell me enough times that it was just popcorn with food dye-nothing magical :)

    One of my absolute faves was clearly canadian water..wild cherry if we're gonna get specific!


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