Monday, April 30, 2012

Amazing Anime- Beelzebub

Finally I think I might get on a normal blogging schedule, providing that I have internet for more than 20 minutes at a time.  Anywoo, I'm currently watching the anime Beelzebub, which is becoming one of my favorites.  The story is kind of absurd if you're just reading it.  It's about a high school kid named Oga, who finds himself in the position of being the parent of a baby demon lord.  The high school he attends is made up of delinquents whom Oga fights on a regular basis.  Because the baby demon lord Beelzebub (or Baby Beel) needed someone strong to raise him, he choose Oga for his superior fighting skills.  The problem is that Oga doesn't want anything to do with him.  However if Oga gets more than 15 feet away from Baby Beel, he'll die.  So the story follows them around on their adventures and so on.
The best part of this anime is Baby Beel.  He never says anything, but his reaction to situations cracks me up.  The below video does a good job of summing it up.  Ok, so the humor might be a bit crude but I love it!!!

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