Friday, April 27, 2012


So I'm a little frustrated with a few things this week.  
First is myself, for not accomplishing more.  This whole "not working" thing is totally throwing me off.  I really have to set a schedule for myself and stick to it.  I also need to get these 20 million boxes unpacked that are just sitting around.
Second, I technically have no internet, except for hooking my phone up to my laptop.  This means that posting pictures is impossible because of the speed.  We were supposed to get internet and tv yesterday, but the service is so crappy that it's already not working.  I'm pretty sure we are going to tell them to take all their equipment back and switch to DSL.  
I have to say that these setbacks are kind of bringing me down.  I wanted to move back in and start my Etsy shop and start blogging regularly, but now I can't do either.  I'm really trying to keep my head up but it's hard.
Anyways, that's my rant for the day. I hate that I'm ending the week on such a sour note, but I know things will get better.

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  1. Oh my...sounds like things are a bit rough right now.

    I get beyond frustrated when I don't have fast internet, and having to put off the things you want to do is especially hard.

    Hang in there, ok?

    xx, C


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