Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amazing Anime- Black Butler

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So, I'll give you fair warning that this one is kind of strange.  However, keep in mind that Japanese people are much more open to gender "bending" for lack of a better term.  Visual Kei is widely accepted and explains why the more flamboyant characters on this show are no big deal.
With that out of the way, I'll give you a little background on this show.  It follows a young orphaned child name Ciel Phantomhive who has inherited a large business empire after his parent's murder.  He of course, makes a pack with a demon butler named Sebastian to seek revenge on those who would disgrace his family name, in exchange for his soul.  The relationship between the characters can be a bit odd sometimes, but this appeals so much to my inner gothic sensibilities that I overlooked it.  This part of the anime only ran for 24 episodes, but ended with a pretty good twist.
There is a Black Butler 2, that follows a different butler and a different boy, but with the same premise.  It features appearances of characters from the first series, so they are still kind of tied together.  The second series is ok, but I prefer the first one.
Overall, I would have to say unless you really like gothic or Victorian themes, this one might not be for you.  I enjoyed it because I love animes that are dark but still add a bit of humor.  I'd say at least watch the first episode and see how you like it!

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