Friday, May 11, 2012


As you can see, I wasn't very busy yesterday at my job as a professional freelance ticket seller.  So I took the time to come up with some blog ideas.  I've felt like I've been flailing a bit with my posts and I want to create some structure to my blog.  At the same time I want to steer myself toward the kind of lifestyle I want to create, so I'm going to try and combine those two ideas by using my blog to set my own personal goals.
What I don't want to do is make my blog into something that isn't me.  I realize that vintage clothes and anime don't exactly go together, but they're both part of me.  All I can do is put it out there and hope that someone else can appreciate it.

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  1. You encourage me - and others, I am sure - to tap into all the things that bring out my individual creativity and curiosity. It makes your blog interesting and inspiring.


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