Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore- Cinco de Mayo

I love this dress so much.  I got it with the intention of reselling it because I didn't think it would actually fit, but it does!  It's so comfy that I may be wearing it all summer.
I got these shoes at a discount store in Tuscaloosa called Dirt Cheap.  I was skeptical about going in there the first time, but I'm glad I did.  They are kind of like a TJMaxx in that they buy lots of stuff from different stores.  The last several times I've been in there, they've had a ton of stuff from Urban Outfitters and Target.  I've gotten some great deals from there!  These shoes were only $4.00 and they are brand new.  I got a pair in a darker brown too.
Listing the description below made me realize that I really need to accessorize.  I think I've just been lazy the last 5 years or so and haven't bothered with jewelry.  Now's the time to start!

Dress: Thrifted
Shoes:  Discount Store (Mossimo)


  1. Love the dress and your hair is awesome!

    xx, C

  2. What a beautiful dress, love the colors. Wish I had a Dirt Cheap store near me!


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