Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I love

Completely in love with these Disney prints from Moon Child in the Sky.

This isn't supposed to be funny.  This is really the story of my life.  =)   I love ecards.

Fantastic idea from Kalasdags.  Disposable party stuff is great! 

 I was going to purchase the items to make a headband like this from elisamclaughlin, but decided I probably wouldn't have enough time.  I was right.

I really want to yarn bomb part of my fence like this.  It's beautiful! has such great ideas. is one of my favorite sites.  I love how creative Japanese people are with their clothing.

I REALLY want this top from PlasticLand.  It could go with so many different skirts!

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  1. I had no idea where those Disney prints were from! Thanks!
    Ecards is a new obsession of mine as well. I can be on there for hours making and reading all the cute/snarky/awesome cards.
    Also, I love yarn bombing and had NO IDEA that there was a website dedicated to it!


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