Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Plans

So I am actually working today at the Amphitheater here in Birmingham, selling tickets to New Edition.  Woohoo.  I have to work Mon-Wed as well, which isn't that bad, but seems worse because I haven't had to work in 3 weeks.  I can't believe it's actually been that long since I left my job!
Anyways, tomorrow I'm going out to Tuscaloosa to the grand opening of the Rivermarket (aka Farmer's Market).  I'm pretty excited to see my former co-workers again.  I've missed them dearly!  Tomorrow night, my husband and I are going to see WhiteChapel and some other bands that aren't WhiteChapel.   My husband asked me if I was going through venue withdrawal since I actually WANT to go to a concert, but I'm definitely not. 

Despite the loss of our little Pumpkin, this had been an ok week.  I was really down on Monday, but I think his passing just inspired me to carry on and make the most out of everyday.  
Did you have a good week?  What kind of plans do you have lined up the weekend?

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