Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #5


So here's a small sampling of some goodies I've picked up.  Behold, my Pegasus on velvet with rainbows and lightning!  Pretty awesome.  I love this lime green outfit, but it's a little too retro for me to wear in public.  I'm not starting to sell children's vintage clothes or anything, but I could not pass up this little girl's dress.  It's just too cute!!!  I love this daisy latchhook picture I got.  It matches my room perfectly.  Last is my Moka pot.  I'll be doing some experimenting with it today and you can see the results tomorrow (hopefully it won't be a failure).

I also wanted to share a new thrifting experience I had while in Charlotte, NC.  I had heard about thrift stores where you can buy clothes by the pound, but had never actually seen one.  Well, the Goodwill outlet in Charlotte was by the pound, and it was something.  Not really a good something either.  They had all of these tables piled with clothes and absolutely no organization.  And people were digging through these tables like there was gold at the bottom.  They had all these crazy rules about what tables you could go through and were having to police people because they were fighting over stuff.  I could understand if this was the only thrift store in town, but there was an awesome Value Village literally right next door that was very nice and organized and had great prices.  I'm not above digging through clothes to find something great, but this was just a bunch of crazy people digging through crap.   

Have you all been to one of these places?  I'd love to hear how it went for you!


  1. Wow what a score with that blue polka dotted shirt!

  2. Love the velvet unicorn. Amazing.

    I think you should wear that green outfit in public. It's amazing and people should appreciate its awesomeness.

  3. OMG so jealous of the velvet Pegasus. So, so, so jealous.

  4. That pegasus is beautiful, haha. I like the retro green outfit. I think I would break it up though - either wear the dress or the vest if they are separates.

    Paying for thrift stuff by the pound? That sounds a bit scary.

  5. Love the little girls dress! I have never even heard of buying clothes by the pound before this blog post. Interesting... I don't know if I'd enjoy that either.

  6. That little girls dress!!!! I want it for me! :)
    I just might have to make something like it soon....
    Yeah, I'm not down with the crazy stuff either, if it's just me digging I'm fine but dice

  7. I don't think they have those in Arizona...the might, but I've never been to one here. I did, however, visit one of those pay by the pound places while I was visiting North Carolina last summer. I couldn't stand it though. There were wayyyy to many piles to look though. It's much easier to go through clothes that are on clothing racks.


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